Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not Enough Blogging!

Hey All!

Well, once again, I must apologize that it has been two months since my last blog posting. There are several reasons for that, but I'll spare you those details and simply say this: I am making a re-commitment to my blog this week. Renewing my blog vows if you will.

I recently returned from a week-long trip to the GLORIOUS mountains of Red River, New Mexico, and found wonderful refreshment and inspiration there! (Honestly, if you can't find inspiration there, then I'm not sure where you can. I mean, exquisite doesn't even BEGIN to describe it). Here's a pic of me, the mountains, and some friends from the trip! From left to right, that's Becky, Kayla, me, Philip and Chuck.

Gah this was a fun day!

All right, so...Hear ye, hear ye! Let it be known in all the land that from this day forth, not a week shall passeth without a new blog post from thy humble servant. To thee I make this solemn vow.
After all, I know how much you've missed my ramblings...

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