Monday, May 5, 2008

You Know I Love My City, But...

I just wanted to show you what it's like to be an Aggie in Austin, Texas.

This is a picture I recently took at H.E.B., the grocery store at which I shop:

Note in the foreground the rows and rows and rows of Texas Longhorn paraphernalia. Longhorn T-shirts, Longhorn chairs, Longhorn flip-flops, Longhorn coffee mugs, Longhorn flags, Longhorn balloons.

Now, take a closer look. And look far in the distance, way there yonder in the back forty, in a galaxy far, far away. And thither will you see a lone Texas A&M t-shirt, standing proudly, hanging on to its last shred of dignity, and shining its maroon light for all to see.

Shine on little shirt, shine on!


Pineapple said...

Ah Krissy baby you miss the symbolism. There is only one place worth going in College Station - The Dixie Chicken. Thus only ONE A&M shirt. The large selection of UT stuff simply reflects the significant number of AWESOME things in YOUR home town!

Some day we are going to write a song together, but we'll leave Longhorns and Aggies out of it (ha). Unless you end-up marrying a Longhorn. That's a country song waiting to happen!

Amy said...

Hook em.